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I'm super stoked you're here! Take a peeksy poo through this page to learn more about me. If you're picking up what I'm putting down, send me an email! I can't wait to get to know you over a (giant) glass of wine or some delicious tacos!



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  Meet Melissa

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but if I’m not honest on this page, then how could you ever trust me? 

I am absolutely, 100%, without an ounce of irony
…a cat person. 

Let’s be real, I’m not embarrassed about it at all. I mean, look at this cutie. 

But something that makes me feel uber corny? - I am a hopeless romantic. Disney movies? Love them. Chick flicks? I live for them. A predictable story line where the guy and the girl end up together? THE BEST.

Being a wedding photographer is like having a front row seat to the world’s best love stories every single weekend. One of the best parts of my job is getting to know you and honoring your story in everything we capture. 

I am the perfect blend of professional, playful, and passionate AF. I make sure everything runs as smoothly as humanly possible, all while documenting the wild, romantic love that got you here. We will laugh, we will probably cry, and best case scenario: 
we will eat tacos. 

- Denver Wedding photographer

I joke a lot, but I’m madly in love with this work. Getting married is serious (in the best way) and I respect the commitment you’re making more than I can explain.

I used to sit on the couch with my mom and dad’s wedding album opened up on my lap. I would stare at each photo for minutes at a time, wondering how they felt that day. I thought about what my dad’s face looked like when he saw my mom for the first time. If my grandpa kissed her cheek as he gave her away. If my dad shoved cake in her face and if they danced the night away. I don’t know these things because there aren’t photos of it. They have the standard portraits but not much more.

I knew I wanted things to be different for my wedding. I wanted those moments desperately. I viewed my wedding as the start of the rest of my life. My marriage would be the foundation for everything. That relationship is where I draw my strength from when I am tired and it gives me the unshakable confidence to chase my big dreams. My wedding photos are more than just images. They are proof of where I started and where I’ve come from. I want you to have the same proof—photos that help you remember how much love there was at the beginning of your happily ever after.

 From the heart...

I've got the travel bug 24-7. I want to go everywhere and start planning my next vacation as soon as I get home.


My guilty pleasure is the Bachelor. Call me a sucker for romance...or drama.


The quickest way to my heart is tacos.


Hockey is my favorite sport, and win or lose the Avalanche will always be my team.



"Her photos captured so many precious moments that my whole family will cherish for the rest of our lives. AND she loved working with our dogs as well!"


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