Let's get married!

No, not me and you, but, like, you and your fiance. I'll take the pictures. 

it's about the joy!

You know the feeling. That wouldn’t trade it for anything, no one on earth gets me like you do, once in a lifetime kind of love. That feeling you get when you look at your person and know you’re home. That almost indescribable happiness that comes from a relationship that fulfills you completely. Your wedding is about that feeling.

But it’s so much more than just a wedding day. Remember the nervous anticipation before your first date? The first time you held hands? Or that not-quite-as-planned first kiss? You’ve learned one another's quirks, secrets, and dreams. You’ve shed tears of frustration while facing and overcoming challenges together. Now, you’ve decided there is no one else you'd rather conquer the world with. 

And that’s a big deal. Like, HUGE! You aren’t just throwing a party, you’re celebrating your epic, once-in-a-lifetime love. You aren’t just getting married, you’re stepping into a lifelong commitment with your partner. As your photographer, it’s my desire to honor your whole journey together - past, present, and future.

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Like, super f-ing pumped that you and your love are about to embark on this incredible adventure together. Whether you book me or not (but, I mean, book me!) I'm genuinely thrilled for you that you found the one person you want to annoy for the rest of your lives.

I'm EXCITED for you!

what makes me different

You’re more than just a bride, or just a groom. You’re a real live person, with stories and experiences that have brought you to this step in your life. Tell me about em! I really, truly want to get to know you both. The best part by FAR about my job is when a client turns into a friend. Did we just become best friends?!

Let’s be best friends

what makes me different

Start to finish! With over a decade of experience and more than 130 weddings under my belt I've got this down to a science. And I use my sciencey skills to make this process as easy and stress free as it possibly can be. And I rhyme!

I've got you covered!

what makes me different

Tacos, the beach, anything sparkly, my cats, the Bachelor, sarcasm, my hubby, traveling, hockey & watching super awesome people like you get married.

my favorites:

Which is maybe why I love weddings so damn much. It’s an emotional day, full of palpable joy that I couldn’t be happier to capture for you. And I'll be honest, I'm probably going to cry at your wedding.

I love the whole process, though. From your very first email until I hug your neck at the end of the night, I love making sure your wedding comes together perfectly. 

I am an emotional girl. I feel

MEET Melissa

 girl, tell me more

"She captured everything I dreamed of and more from my wedding day. Her perfect balance of organized and easygoing brought peace to my wedding planning and wedding day."

Heather & Brandon

kind words

"Melissa does more than just take pictures on the wedding day. She helped us keep our schedule and followed the timeline to make sure our day went as smooth as possible! Melissa really loves what she does and cares for her couples as if they’re family..."

Carli & Matt

kind words

"She was efficient and fun, and kept my bridal party laughing the whole night with her wit and inventive poses. She even bustled my dress after the ceremony! "

Megan & Zach

kind words

"We have gotten so many compliments on our pictures and we are feel very lucky to have had her to capture our big day. Seriously having a hard time deciding what to put around our house!"

Molly & Jordan

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"My husband and I are obsessed with Melissa's work! She is so creative and we loved our pictures!"

Danelle & Anthony

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 I sometimes post photos of weddings, too.