You’re getting married!!!
(Insert woo-girl scream here)

I’m *literally* so excited for you, because getting to watch super awesome people like you get married is my favorite thing on the face of the planet. I mean, tacos are my favorite, but weddings are pretty great, too.

Okay ... tacos and weddings are tied. 

A few things you need to know about me and my business:

1. I do what I want! And what I want is to make sure my clients have the best experience possible. That’s why I do things like give you digital images and free engagement sessions. You’re welcome!

2. My style is timeless, not trendy. I'll never apply effects or filters that make your photos look like this week's Instagram trend. Your photos will be classically stunning even 50 years from now! 

3. I am oh-so chill. I’ve streamlined my processes so we can get logistics out of the way and focus on making magical photos together.

"Her smile was contagious and she seemed so full of life. She made us feel like what we wanted mattered and listened to make our vision happen. She was amazing. "


"She captured everything I dreamed of and more from my wedding day. Her perfect balance of organized and easygoing brought peace to my wedding planning and wedding day."


"Melissa does more than just take pictures on the wedding day. She helped us keep our schedule and followed the timeline to make sure our day went as smooth as possible! Melissa really loves what she does and cares for her couples as if they’re family..."


"She is a radiant personality whose organized, stress-less approach to photography elicited the BEST possible results from my husband and I"



"She was efficient and fun, and kept my bridal party laughing the whole night with her wit and inventive poses. She even bustled my dress after the ceremony! "

"Melissa captured the most beautiful moments that I wouldn't have even know happened without her skilled hands to capture it."


my why

My parents have an album from their wedding that I was obsessed with as a child. It has about 60 photos in it and I always wished there were more. There are only a few quick glimpses into how my parents actually felt about each other on their wedding day. And it was never enough for me.

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I wanted to see more than stiff photos of them looking uncomfortably at the camera. I wanted to know how they felt. Were they nervous before the ceremony? Did my dad cry when he saw my mom walking down the aisle? Which one of my uncles gave a funny toast during the reception? I wanted to see every moment of the day that is the reason I exist. 

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I’ll never have that. I'll never be able to see the joy I know they felt when they got married. And it’s no one’s fault, just a product of what wedding photography was in the 1970’s. But it makes me sad, and my parents only remember so many details. After all, it’s just one day in a lifetime, and it goes by in the blink of an eye. 

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I want to give you what I never had. I want your kids to know how much you loved each other and know exactly how you felt because they can see it right in front of them.

I document the legacy of your love so your children and their children will know exactly what they come from.

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