Photographer - Travel Enthusiast - Wine Lover - Wife - Mother of Cats

a few facts

- I married the love of my life on a beach in Mexico in 2015. Best day ever.
- We have two fluffy cats who love us but hate each other.
- I'm extra in that I bring sequin gowns to the beach.  
- My favorite thing to do is travel. I want to go everywhere.
- I'm a hopeless romantic, I tear up at almost every wedding I go to.
- I speak fluent sarcasm.
- I'm a huge fan of hockey.
- The quickest way to my heart is tacos. Have I mentioned that I love tacos?

about me

I am a keeper of memories, a wanderlust heart, inspired and revived by romance. My soul longs for it and my heart is awakened by it. My husband loves to date me and I insist on taking photos with him on each date so we won’t forget anything.

I imagine us growing old together, still laughing as we pull out the jar where we’ve kept messages to our older selves. We’ll relive the memories in that jar, and laugh together still. We will snuggle on the couch, flip through albums and tell stories of our lives back to each other. This is how our memories will refresh our love.

Romance colors so much of my life and my story, from being 10 years old sitting with my parents wedding album across my lap as I touched the delicate images of my parents when they began their love story. I was never satisfied with the details on those pages and I'm still not. I wanted to know every moment of their day. Maybe that hunger for romance is why my guilty pleasure is The Bachelor, and why long walks on the beach feel like home to me.

This is what images do in my heart. They retell the stories of love and history and bring the next generation back to feel the emotions of the ones who dance along those album pages. Memories are moments that we can share with the next generation of souls who were birthed from the love stories of our wedding albums.

I am a Destination and Colorado Wedding Photographer and I'd love to tell your story. Contact me today!

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