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As a photographer, detail photographs are one of my favorite parts of a wedding day! I know there are some people out there who just don’t see the point in taking so many photos of shoes, jewelry, and flowers, but I think they’re an important part of your day. You spent a lot of time […]

Wedding Planning Tips

How to get Amazing Detail Photographs

I’m sure more than once over your wedding planning experience, whether you’re newly engaged or have been planning for months already you have heard the phrase “You have to.” You have to invite this person, you have to do this, you have to have that. And so on and so on. There are so many wedding […]

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7 Wedding Traditions That are OK to Skip

See how specific that is? This isn’t just a post telling you to have an engagement session, but to do one with the photographer you’ve hired for your wedding. Everyone has a camera these days, and everyone considers themselves an amateur photographer. I’m sure your friend from work or your uncle will take beautiful engagement photos for you. […]

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4 Reasons to do an Engagement Session with your Wedding Photographer

5 questions you should ask your wedding photographer and some you shouldn’t. If you’re anything like me when planning your wedding, you’ve scoured Pinterest for ideas and planning advice, and probably ran across more than a few articles about what questions you should ask your wedding photographer before you book them. I have to be […]

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5 Questions You Actually Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Deciding whether to get married at home or at a destination is a tough choice! When Dillon and I got engaged, we had pretty much already decided that we wanted a destination wedding, but we still had some big points to consider before making the final decision. Looking back now, I wouldn’t change what we […]

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5 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

Probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make around your engagement session is what to wear for your engagement photos. The clothes you pick for your engagement session can really make (or break) your photos! They play a huge role in showing off your style and personality, and are what make you look like you in […]

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What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

As a  small business owner trying to expand their market, you hear all the time “what sets you apart?” and “there are tons of wedding photographers out there, why should I choose you?” This is something I’ve always really struggled with. At first I thought my work would speak for itself, which to some extent, […]

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Wedding Photography for the Laid Back Bride

I learned a lot while planning my Destination Wedding in Mexico last November. I’ve always been that girl who was excited to plan her wedding, so I was looking forward to the process, not dreading it like some brides do. I set out to plan a perfect destination wedding! And I have to tell you, […]

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Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding

Creating the perfect wedding day timeline can be a real challenge, especially if you’re new to the whole wedding planning thing, like most brides are. It’s hard to know how much time you need! How long will it take you and your bridesmaids to get ready, and how long will family have to be around […]

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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

With my own wedding fast approaching (149 days left!) I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want my wedding day to be like. I go to a ton of weddings, which I totally feel has been a benefit to planning my own. I’ve seen things that I love and want to incorporate […]

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The Best Wedding Day Advice