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Hiring a wedding photographer can be such a tough decision! There are so many options out there, it can be hard to decide. To help you out a little bit, here are 4 myths about hiring a wedding photographer. You have to hire a photographer where you live/are getting married So false!!! These days, almost any […]

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4 Myths about Hiring a Wedding Photographer

You’re engaged!! You’ve been waiting your whole life for this moment and it’s finally here! You and the love of your life are going to tie the knot, and about to dive headfirst into the whirlwind of wedding planning. But what do you do first? Here’s what to do when you get engaged: Celebrate!! Don’t […]

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What to do When You Get Engaged

Ok, let’s talk engagement photo outfits! This is probably the number one question I get around engagement photos and it’s a super important one! I know a lot of couples struggle with picking engagement photo outfits. It can be really challenging, especially if you don’t know what photographs well and what doesn’t. Don’t feel bad […]

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Engagement Photo Outfits – What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

It’s no secret that weddings can be stressful. Between organizing all the planning details, figuring out how to manage all the costs, and then dealing with your crazy family, it can be a lot to handle. Been there, done that. I get it. But your wedding doesn’t have to be a crazy ball of stress […]

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Tips for Having a Stress Free Wedding

You. That’s right. You, the client. My brides and grooms. You are the number one most important thing in my business. Not my profit margins, not how many bookings I have for the year, but you. Hiring me to be your wedding photographer isn’t about me, it’s about you. It’s about how I can serve […]

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The Most Important Thing about Being a Wedding Photographer

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue When you’re shopping around for a wedding venue, there are some pretty big things that come to mind right off the bat. Is it big enough to accommodate all my guests? Does it have the look and feel we’re going for? And is the price right? These […]

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What to Look for in a Wedding Venue

One of my favorite things about weddings today is that they break traditions. I love when my couples do something unexpected and out of the norm. Not only does it make it fun for me (because when you go to 30 weddings a year, you start seeing a lot of similar trends) but it makes […]

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My Favorite Wedding Color Schemes of 2016

“Dreams, if they’re any good, are always a little bit crazy. ” ― Ray Charles Every year I make a list of my new (or old) wedding photography dreams. When I started in 2015 it was just for fun. Just a way to meet my weekly blog post quota when I didn’t have anything else […]

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My 2017 Wedding Photography Dreams

Choosing to do a first look was an easy decision for me. Pretty much as soon as Dillon and I were engaged I knew that I wanted to do a first look. Luckily, Dillon felt the same way (once I explained what a first look was) and we checked that item off our to-do list! […]

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Why I Chose to do a First Look

Finding a wedding venue can be so tough. There are literally hundreds of venues just around Denver, and even more when you start looking up the front range and into the mountains! The sheer number of options can make your search exhausting from the start. Throughout my career as a Colorado Wedding Photographer, I’ve shot […]

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Best Colorado Wedding Venues