Let's get married!

No, not me and you, but, like, you and your fiance. I'll take the pictures. 

…worry about one thing - marrying the love of your life.
…have the best day ever.
…know that you’ll have beautiful photos to remember it forever.

On your wedding day I want you to… 

But it’s about the whole experience, not just the result.
You aren’t just getting married, you’re stepping into life with your partner. You aren’t just throwing a party, you’re celebrating your big, big love. And you shouldn’t just look good in front of the camera, you should feel good too.

I am an emotional girl. I feel ALL THE THINGS. Which is maybe why I love weddings so damn much. It’s an emotional day, full of palpable joy that I couldn’t be happier to capture for you.

I love the whole process, though. From your very first email until I hug your neck at the end of the night, I love making sure your wedding comes together perfectly.

"Melissa is an artist who takes your events seriously and treats them with as much love and respect as if they were her own."

Kristen - MSP Bride

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